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I'll Take Care of You and Your Wedding!

Habla-usted español? Clique aquí. Although most of our ceremonies are in English we frequently perform Spanish and bilingual ceremonies too!

Thank you for visiting. I'm Aaron Keller, pictured here with two great couples, and I am the Head Officiant and Director for CWOS, Inc., my company that serves a diversity of couples across the Chicago land area.

Your wedding ceremony should be about you, and the focus of your wedding officiant services should be your unique needs. So, what is it that is most important to you?

  • Is it making sure that your ceremony fits you and your needs, whether religious or non-religious? Click here and read my many related FAQ to learn more!
  • Is it seeing examples of previous ceremonies? Visit my sample ceremonies page here or contact me for more examples.
  • Is it previous clients' opinions? I have many testimonials available right here on my website.
  • Is it pricing? Read my pricing policy here to learn more.
  • Is it the personality of your Officiant? Click here to read my personal profile as well as info on my staff.
  • Is it the variety of service options available? My services are described in detail here.

My approach is very personal, and my staff and I are here to both take care of your ceremony from start to finish as well as to honor your unique personalities and relationship. Depending on your preference, we will utilize either my original ceremony templates or one of my customization tools like my Personality Questionnaire and Build-It-Yourself Template to assist in preparing for you a completely original ceremony. These tools will not only help to bring out in the most effective way what you would like me to write about you in your ceremony, but they will also bring out a wide range of options and thoughts that you may not have considered otherwise.

Our reviews and testimonials speak to how pleased my clients have been. That is because we have both the focus and talent to create the content, mood and presentation that fits you. We even prepare and perform Spanish or bilingual ceremonies as well as multi-cultural and interfaith ceremonies. Let me know what you need!

So, whoever you may be, and whatever wedding experience you may seek, my job is to take care of everything in relation to your ceremony so that it represents who YOU are on your wedding day. Sound good to you? Then click below to request a quote and let's get started!


Still wondering how to select the right Wedding Officiant? Here are a few simple questions to assist in your search:

► Is it important to you that your ceremony runs smoothly?

We are experts in the preparation, rehearsal and performance of wedding ceremonies of all sizes.

► Would you like a ceremony that feels personal and fits your personalities?

Because I have such diverse experience and also manage a diverse team of wedding officiants our services are extremely personal. Just see our reviews! I have a unique approach to personalizing your wedding ceremony that will not only help you make it want you want it to be but also to bring out things that you may not have thought about on your own!

► Shouldn't your Wedding Officiant reduce rather than add to your anxiety about how your wedding will go?

I respond quickly to questions and stay in touch with you all along the process to let you know what's ready, what's needed and what we will do for you. No stress, no confusion and no question marks!

► Don't you want a wedding Officiant that is not only affordable but also 100% professional and personable?

If you answered, "Yes" to this and other questions then please consider working with me and my team - Officiants who can provide this for you! Many of us may be looking for the right price or even a friendly personality. There are many friendly and affordable wedding Officiants in Chicagoland. However, to be able to provide you with all of the above takes unique character, talent and professional skill. Weddings are complex events that take experience and unique ability to navigate.

My services are not only honestly priced, but my Officiants and I are also capable of taking care of you and your wedding. Your special day, which celebrates the unique love that you share deserves personal attention and professional preparation. Drawing upon our extensive experience, writing talent and enjoyment of working with couples we will prepare for you a ceremony that fits your individuality and that you will truly cherish.

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