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Let Us Take Care of You and Your Wedding!

Thank you for visiting. I'm Aaron Keller, the Head Officiant and Director for CWOS, Inc. Feel free to visit my personal profile to learn more about me: Click here.

Are you looking for the right wedding officiant? Here are a few simple questions to assist in your search:

  • Is it important to you that your ceremony runs smoothly?
  • Would you like a ceremony that feels personal and fits your personalities?
  • Shouldn't your wedding officiant reduce rather than add to your anxiety about how your wedding will go?
  • Don't you want a wedding officiant that is not only affordable but also 100% professional and personable?

If you answered, "Yes" to these questions then please consider that not every wedding officiant can provide this for you. Many of us may be looking for the right price or even a friendly personality. There are many wonderful wedding officiants in Chicagoland. However, to be able to provide you with all of the above takes unique character, talent and professional skill. Weddings are complex events that take experience and unique ability to navigate.

Our services are not only affordable, but our officiants are also capable of taking care of you and your wedding. Your special day, which celebrates the unique love that you share deserves personal attention and professional preparation.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, writing talent and enjoyment of working with couples we will prepare for you a ceremony that fits your individuality and that you will truly cherish. 

Our team of experienced, professional officiants are ready to meet your needs. Contact us now for an instant quote, or
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Meet Our Team page to get to know us.

► Our group is very diverse and receives great reviews from all sorts of couples.

► We are unique, from ministers to business owners to actors, and we will accommodate your uniqueness.

► We offer both religious and non-religious services of all types

► We are both male and female.

► Some officiants are fully English / Spanish bilingual.

Contact us for an instant quote. We promise you an enjoyable, stress-free process: (312) 834-4211. 

Once you would like to move forward with us then getting started is simple! You will complete our brief new client form at www.myweddingcontract.com and we will send you a completed contract to sign. You will then receive our simple personalization questionnaire to help us get to know you and provide you with the best-fitting service for your unique needs and desires. The process is enjoyable and stress-free, and that's how we like it.