Unity Traditions

Unity traditions or wedding rituals are often included in today’s ceremonies. Many times, they enhance the experience of the ceremony and add substance when the traditional cultural or religious components of a wedding are absent. If you desire a unity tradition or wedding ritual here are a few to consider. Any desired traditions can be discussed and scripted when you decide to work with us.

Our team can also perform either a Spanish bi-lingual or fully Spanish wedding with the traditional wedding lazo (lasso) and arras.Bi-lingual services are also available in Portugese.

UNITY SAND CEREMONY: Two vessels of colored sand are poured into a Unity Vase creating swirls of colors that symbolize the blending of two families into one. Our ceremony template also provides ideas for readings to be done during your ceremony.

LIGHTING THE UNITY CANDLE: The parents or families of the couple each light one candle and the bride and groom light a candle together using their families’ candles.  This symbolizes in traditional fashion the union of the two families.

ROSE CEREMONY: The couple may exchange with each other and their family members roses that indicate the exchange of love taking place in the marriage.

WATER CEREMONY: Very similar to the Unity Sand Ceremony, this tradition involves the mixing of different colored water into a Unity Vessel that ends with a unique color that represents the blended individuals.

UNITY PAINTING: The bride and groom both contribute brushstrokes to a pre-planned painting in this artistic unity tradition.

TREE PLANTING CEREMONY: The couple assist one another to plant a sapling, and they both contribute dirt and water to the newly planted tree as a symbol of how their own relationship will be nurtured from the big day onward.

HAND FASTING CEREMONY: Many couples choose to “tie the knot” literally with this ancient Celtic ritual. Samples of our past ceremonies can help you to decide what words to have spoken while the custom is performed.

WINE BOX CEREMONY: An interesting and new tradition in which the bride and groom write personal messages to one another and place them in a wine box. On anniversaries, they may open the wine box, read the messages to refresh the memory of their wedding day sentiments and drink the wine together.

JUMPING THE BROOM: A custom in cultures from Celtic Ireland to Africa and the southern U.S., this enhancement can signify the couple “sweeping behind them” the bad fortune of the past as they go forward as one.

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