Cal Denison (Head Officiant)

Cal Denison (Head Officiant)

“I truly enjoy being a wedding officiant because it gives me a chance to witness and participate in a pure reminder of life’s most cherished emotions – love, joy, hope. The marriage of two people is a life changing celebration of commitment and promise; and my sense of wonder deepens each time I witness this time honored ritual. Every wedding gathering leaves me with a greater appreciation of the forces of destiny: how else could two people find one other in a crowded world and join together to profess a lifelong partnership through thick and thin?

In my personal life, I have learned that marriage requires more work and delivers more emotional gold than any other pursuit in life. When we gather as a community to witness this familiar exchange of vows, we are all reminded of the potential gift that marriage can be to each of us. The first time I officiated at a wedding I was truly surprised by the fast friendships I made with the wedding couple, their family and friends. I think our shared appreciation for the simple joy of this event creates a unique bond for everyone who attends.

It would be my pleasure and privilege to officiate at your wedding celebration.”


In addition to being a wedding officiant, Cal is real estate professional with over 35 years of experience in real estate development and brokerage.

Cal is also a supportive husband and father to his four children. His personal time has been spent volunteering for local charities for homeless and housing.

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