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Sample Ceremonies

"CWOS was an absolute pleasure to work with. They really listened to our story and captured it beautifully with words. I would highly recommend them!! Thanks our making our day so memorable!"

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Professionaly Written Ceremonies

After reading the info on our Pricing, Services & FAQ page about the types of servies that we offer you may be wondering what exactly these options and ceremonies look like. We have provided an example of a handful of ceremonies that were created for our couples based on our templates and Background Questionnaire. Actual templates and materials will be provided in your quote e-mail.

If you choose to use any of these samples in preparing your own ceremony please let us know.

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Sample Ceremony #1

Sample Ceremony #2 

Sample Ceremony #3

Sample Ceremony #4

Sample Ceremony #5

The quality that you receive will be the same as you see here. We look forward to preparing your ceremony!

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